Steak App

Festival entry
Mibile app
Concept, design, ux

The app with a neural network. The main goal is to give an user certainly fit the recipe on the basis of his terms and conditions. As a result, it gives some recipes and show the probability of success. For example grill pan adds probability compared with the conventional, and New Zealand marbled beef will add some points to luck. First, the user takes a picture of meat. The application detects the image and determines the kind of steak (at a more advanced algorithm in color and texture and condition of the meat). Next, the user is prompted to confirm / change / add information. In the process the app dynamically calculates the probability of success. You can see how these factors affect. Next, the user receives one or more recipes. The advanced version of the recipes gives advices to user what conditions must be changed to improve the result. Then you can start the cooking mode. The timer will count down the time and report what and when you need to do.