Results of my collaborations with talented people. Painters, photographers, sculptors. Their artworks, my web design.


Entropia 7

The collection of my very old pictures embellished by an some eye candies: random rain drops on the background and electric ones in the empty frame (when no picture is selected). Something occurs somewhere, a preloader in the oscillogram manner, everything is old and shabby.

  • Client: myself
  • Case: Artworks portfolio
  • Done: Design, animations programming
  • Feature: Animation FX


The website of Victor Martynyuk, an expressionistic photographer, who practices old technics of photography. The layout is made in mood of easy adventurism and cosmopolitism. There are animated waves, flying seagulls and a passing liner on pieces of photos.

  • Client: Victor Martynyuk
  • Case: Photographs portfolio/Personal site
  • Done: Design, programming
  • Feature: Animations

Meteodirector project

The painter's teasing art-project. Represents artist's works in the special ambience. The old electronic, mechanic, chemistry and weather forecasting devices are symbols of the artist and you can often meet them in his paintings.

  • Client: Oleg Koval
  • Case: Exibition teaser
  • Done: Design, html/css+js
  • Feature: Unusual Ui
see archive demo


The artist Vladimir Belokon creates iron indoor and outdoor sculptures, gifts and souvenirs, street and park installations, desktop fulfilment and the huge sizes. Sculptures are sorted by category, the foreshortening varies and there is the important feature — ruler tool to find out the sizes.

  • Client: VB
  • Case: Portfolio/Bussines website
  • Done: Design, html/css+js, programming