Eugene Chernyakov

fullstack designer\senior

  • Cutting edge of fine art and technology. Good looking and properly working products.
  • Project management and producing experience. Customers development.
  • Development supervising (strong html, js, php and java skills)


proud of have been member
of the greatest teams

  • “FUTURE CORP.” PROJECT (Game startup)

    starring product(game) designer/2020/remote

    art-director, product designer/2019—2020/in-house
  • MEDIAPRONET (realty commercials)

    web-motion designer/2016—now/full-time, remote, part-time
  • XOD INC. (IT startup)

    UI\UX designer, art-director/2016—2018/part-time
  • Robocafe (e-com IT startup)

    product designer/2016—2017/part-time
  • Danfoss (electronic startup)

    product designer/2015—2016/part-time
  • Blacklight Agency (PR)

    senior communications designer/2014—2015/full-time/in-house
  • Sup Media-Rambler (whole digital)

    senior designer/2012—2014/full-time, in-house
  • Samsung Electronics (commercials)

    multimedia designer/2011—2012/in rent, part-time
  • Brain Computers (e-com, retail)

    multimedia designer/2009—2012/full time, in-house


selected “typical me” works

Each of these works could be had presented more detailed, but I prefer creating new amazing things, looking ahead, not building my own hall of past fame:)

For agencies, clients side,freelance projects.

Finances, e-commerce, fashion & beauty, oil&gas, sport, education, electronics, retail, cinema & movies, realty, government, mass media, photo and video production , human research. Sites, apps, saas, cms, crm.