World Cup Bets

The ultimate predictor of World Cup matches (Original concept, design, layouts, prorgamming).


The simplest piano tutor. Helps to learn how to play on the piano world greatest hits quick and easy. (Original concept, design, layouts, UI-programming).

A lot of rich media banners

My greatest hits on the bannermaking field. (Original concept, design, animation).

Elisbetta franchi online shop design

Design for an Italian fashion trademark e-shop in Moscow. (Original concept, design).

Advertising photographer site

Igor Bogun Photography website

Made for an advertising photographer Igor Bogun. Provides the easy and comfortable way to meet his amazing works. (Original concept, design, layouts, prorgamming).

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Advertising photographer site

Bogun Photography mobile

The previous simplified version of the website for mobile devices. There are two decisions: for any mobiles or tabs and the special layout for Apple Ipad. (Original concept, design, layouts, prorgamming).

Psychologist card

Psychologist business card

Printed on cardboard with embossing. There are bugs and sick brain on the one part of the card and clear mind on the other one. Turn the page and exterminate bugs:) The other card has foil stamped elements (cog wheels and wrench). (Original concept, design).

Xmas Lights Generator

Programmable Christmas Lights Card. Allows to create Xmas lights and greet friends. (Original concept, design, development). mobile app

iOS application design for one of general russian sport news website (Design based on a customer concept).


Several layouts for famous football club's child, a futsal team Spartak Moscow. (Original concept, design).

Imagine Estate Mobile App

iOS and Android app design for a realty company (UI/UX design).

WOT Landing Page

Single page for World of Tanks Generals online game (Original concept,artwork, design).

Website for Vladimir Belokon

The artist Vladimir Belokon creates iron indoor and outdoor sculptures, gifts and souvenirs, street and park installations, tabletops and huge sizes. There are some features: ruler tool to find out the sizes and the map shows where you can meet a scuplture (Original concept, design, layouts, development, photorgaphy).

Victor Martynyuk's website

Victor Martynyuk is an expressionistic photographer who practices old technics of photography. The layout is made in mood of easy adventurism and cosmopolitism. There are animated waves, flying seagulls and a passing liner on the pieces of photos. Plus lite one for mobile devices without any flash(Original concept, design, development, animation).

Gourmet Photo Studio website

Gourmet Photo Studio produces an amazing food advertising. The site is clean, just for representing studio's portfolio. (Original concept, design, layouts, development).

Samsung background brandings

Some background branding on different sites as a part of Samsung advertising campaigns. (Design).

LG campaign website

The site for LG action that happened in the Summer of 2006.
Just advertising of new (as for that time) models of laptops and monitors, buy subj. and get bluetooth or flash drive for free. Everything's shown simply and clearly. The campaign is over and the page is unavailable. (Original concept, design, layouts).

Plumber business card

The rubber business card of a plumber. There are three emergency washers for a fixing of a dripping tap.(Original concept, design).

Samsung Galaxy Name Generator

Fun website. Just a joke about thousands names of Samsung phones and tablets models. Helps to generate new brands(Original concept, design, development).

Gde Dinamo? Gde?

Teasing website about awful things which have been going with Dynamo Kiev FC. The club heads wrong way made really comic situation and created many internet memes and jokes about club players and the coach. The site predicts Dynamo defeats and show the reason why it happened using coach's words (Original concept, design, development).

Hitman business card

Printed on transparent plastic. You can aim somebody through the sight (unprinted area). And there are sniper marks on the left side. (Original concept, design).

Layouts for

Graphic layouts for a sportswear e-commerce website. Showroom, cards, cart, order page ect. (Layouts & content design).

Bull shit

Just for fun commercial parodies and useless stuff(Original concept, execution).

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Small landing pages

Landing pages for different campaigns of electronic munufacturers brands. (Design).

My prepress experience

Any kind of prepress for glossy magazines (Cosmo, FHM, Man's Health, Burda, Playboy). (Covers, retouching, color correction, makeup, collages).

Web Closet websites catalogue

The website that collects the worst ever seen sites on Internet. Looks like the public toilet mural art. (Original concept, design, layouts, animation).

Oolite official website

The official site and the russian mirror of the Oolite project (the classic Elite-like cosmosim game). There is famous Cobra MK3 on the main page. The navigation looks like interplanet routes. (Design, layouts).,

Oolite russian community website

The Russian support site of modern clone of the cult space sim game Elite — Oolite. The design is fulfilled in the spirit of the game (navigation looks like a traditional ship's scanner, the links as a map of planet system ect.). Actualy it's the quite informative blog by explorers of the game universe. (Original concept, design, layouts, development).

Euro 2012 calculator

Every World Cup and Euro I used to draw my own fixtures tables. Once I made it as webpage. Last Euro I was lazy to draw the table, but I create just for fun something like matches results calculator with teams ratings which was recalculating after each match. (Original concept, design, development).

IT-Transit corporate website

IT-TRANSIT is an oil and gas engineering IT company. The site shows an information clearly and simply. On the main page is represented the gas pipeline module (the compressor station) in the form of the toy meccano. (Original concept, design, layouts).

Univest Prepress calendar

The general conception of that calendar was imaginary city streets. Something that never been there. Like ocean's coasts, underwater vehicles and antiques statues. (Photography, artwork).

Natalia Bogun's website

Online portfolio of a photostylist Natalia Bogun. Friendly, simple, clean. (Original concept, design, development).

Fashion studio presentation

The cd-card presentation of Zozulya Fashion Studio. Shows it's basic concept of design — the space for the individuality. User can scroll wheel to the camera zooming and explore the space with all study's stuff free for individuality. (Original concept, design, development).

Rainbow-Quectel website

Layouts for the corporate site of an electrionic components reseller. (Design).

Cable Tv and internet provider website

The site of a cable TV and Internet company. Most important stuff is shown on the main page: the list of channels, tariff choice, user's statistics, etc. At the bottom of the page is a small town living by the Internet: flying e-mails, jumping messenger's smiles, downloads and Counter Strike characters. And the business card based on the animation. Was made using lenticular technology (multi-layered image, each frame of which is visible only at a certain angle). Turning slightly the card, you can see an illusion of movement. (Original concept, design, layouts, animation, development).

see live demo

All cards

Plastic, bussines cards etc. (Original concept, design).

Gifts and different items

Some adv gifts (Original concept, design).

“Webdoktor” website

The veterinary directory. Offers information about various diseases of birds, tips and advices. (Original concept, design, layouts, development).

Entropia 7 art project

The collection of my very old pictures embellished by a casual eye candies: random drops of a rain on the background and electric ones in the empty frame (when no one picture is selected). Something occurs somewhere, the preloader-oscillogram, everything is old and shabby. (Original concept, design, development, animation).

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“Meteodirector” website

The painter's art project. Represents artist's works in the special ambience. The old electronic, mechanic, chemistry and weather forecasting devices are symbols of the author and you can often meet them in his paintings. Navigation has a look of an old radio with work's titles on the scale (like cities on the real radio panel). (Original concept, design, layout).

National Philarmonic of UkRaine website

Layouts for the National Philharmonic of Ukraine site. (Design).

Take One website

The company proposed rent of the camera Hasselblad H1 and the 25 Mpix digital back Fase One for professional photographers. (Original concept, design).

Top Level website

Layouts for website of English school for Russian students. (Design).

Puzzle Studio website

Layouts for Puzzle design studio. Easy way to know about all studios features. (Design).

Lorem Ipsum brand website

Temporary site of the Lorem Ipsum trade mark to support the collection "Hlamur" (for Kiev Fashion Week, Spring 2008). Starts with animation of objects and symbols which was used in the show. Then presents a collection review in a manner like it was during the show.
The domain is not supported now. (Original concept, design, animation).

archive demo

ZX-Spectrum Calendar

The calendar dedicated to the 25 anniversary of famous 8-bit home computer ZX-Spectrum. Has form of a 5'25'' floppy disc. Each month illustration is a screenshot of one of the most popular games like “Exolon”, “Target: Renegade” ect. (Original concept, design).

Sport e-commerce campaigns

Examples of banners for different sport wearing and equipment omline shops (Design).

Digital stuff for Brain Computers

Banners, landings, illustrations, ect. for huge electronics retailer (Original concepts, designs, animations).

WorlD Cup 2010 Tables

Every World Cup and Euro I used to draw my own fixtures tables. Once I made it as webpage. (Original concept, design, layout).

show tables

FlowerS e-shop website

La Coccinele fowers e-shop(Design).

Gaztranzit corporate site

Website of oil and gas enginering company. Manometer on the right top corner is the menu. Abit steam punk alike illustrations represent some company features. (Original concept, design).

Bankinet layouts

Huge bank portal. Rework of the main page and layouts of inner pages. (Design).

Urbanica website redesign

Redesign of main templates for e-store Urbanika (Design).

Microsite for Univest Prepress

Animated playing card with Murfy's laws. The site was a part of Univest Prepress self promotional campaign in 2006 (Design, animation).

archive demo


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